Hello, I wanna share how to make a highlight text in your wordpress.

For example: “Today I was blessed by God, I know He’ll make a way where there seems to be no way. And I always know for His help never late.”

Do you see the red and green colors there? That’s what I mean of highlight text. And How you do that?

Answer: put this script in your HTML (next to Visual)= <span style=”background-color: #ffc1e0;”> YOUR TEXT.. </span>

And how about the color? Just edit “#ffc1e0”  with code color. Here below a little code color that I have, and you can try it now. Happy Texting (:



When I get up early in the morning, I realize in sequences time you’re not beside me anymore. Someone tell me, the only medicine of broken heart is falling in love again. Oh, I dont mean in. I’m not in the middle feeling of broken heart but I’m in end of the ‘mati rasa’ stuck.

My friend tell me, there are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all. but I said No one can know if you dont speak, just smile cannot make languanges. Especially if the person, he/she is not sensitive. When I meet you, have I go to canada to paris to korea to find you? I know God is busy writing my love story and I believe it.

Just a moment but I learn much..

gw bilang just a moment karena memang singkat pertemuan ini dan gw belajar banyak dari kesingkatan ini..

curhat dikit ahh,, hahaha..

setelah putus dr cowok gw,, gw dikenalin sama sang adam eh joko (nama samaran), jelek bgd, ganti deh java chocochips aja.. pertama memang aku belum Continue reading

kebenaran hukum moore

Moore’s Law diakui banyak pihak sebagai pendorong revolusi komputer. Secara singkat dapat disebutkan bahwa jumlah transistor chip komputer dengan harga yang sama meningkat dua kali lipat setiap 18 bulan. Kecenderungan tersebut terbukti benar sampai saat ini. Jika chip pertama Intel tahun 1971 hanya memuat 2300 transistor, chip terakhir mampu memuat 1,7 milyar transistor.  Continue reading